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Controller Support
For our developers, this week has been all about drinking Coffee and creating Controller support . While the artdepartment is making some pretty cool promotional art, our coders are sweating to make sure Sanity of Morris plays as awesomely with a controller as it does with mouse and keyboard.

It’s actually a lot of work. Not only coding the input, making sure all (or atleast most) devices are recocnized but also making sure all tutorials are correct across different platforms.
We did a lot of this stuff for Woven aswell, but in the end it often still boils down to coding a lot of things four times.

It seems to be working quite nicely with even the menu’s being controller-proof and console friendly now!

Also, there now is a Y-Axis inverse option! This was a many many many times requested feature for Woven. As young developers, we didn’t have the budget to add it in after the game was done, and not the experience to include it in the first place.
But, as turns out, small boys grow big and in Sanity of Morris this feature will be included from the getgo!

Now we can finaly get to testing our puzzle designs, which will be next weeks topic!

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