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Be the Detective

Search for clues in this horror adventure, seperate facts from fiction and findout what happened in Greenlake.

Hide & Escape

Hide and escape from your enemies. Using only our wits and your flashlight.

Psychological Horror

“Dad’s urgent message, these documents… They don’t make sense.
Keep your sanity John.”


Sanity of Morris is a psychological horror game with a detective twist.

After years of next to no contact, Johnathan Morris arrives in the isolated town of Greenlake to check up on the mental state of his father. Nothing is as he expected it to be. There are deadly forces at work.

Equipped with nothing more than a flashlight and a notebook, it is up to you to step into the shoes of Johnathan and tell fact from fiction.


Using a flashlight reveals the vital clues you need, but risks you being seen by relentless enemies.
Gameplay combines elements of stealth games with detective-adventure and psychological horror for a gripping story.

“Start thinking John. Build a case, write it down”


  • A bloodcurdling Psychological Horror Detective.
  • Hide from your enemies.
  • Search for clues, find your father.
  • Discover your version of the truth.

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Latest updates From Our Blog

The devs have been writing behind-the-scene blogs about the development of Sanity of Morris. 

Award Winning Voice Actors & Script

Award Winning Voice Actors & Script

With major gameplay falling in place, puzzle designs being tested and levels that start to look spooky. The time has come for us to finish writing the script.Alterego Games LOVES to work with voice actors. We did it for True tales of Bloodstreet 13, we did it for...

World Dressing

World Dressing

World dressing; making designed-yet-empty levels look good. Our world dresser has been spending lots of time making the world look pretty scary.



So, you have to stay hidden, but how, and why? Well, for the why you'll have to play the game, but rest assured, the game will give you ample reason not to be seen.. Staying HiddenEarly on in the development of Sanity of Morris, we said we wanted to do...

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